The ETHTurin Meetup emerged from the community of the ETHTurin 2020 local impact hackathon and channeled into a project-oriented community throughout 2020 and 2021. Anticipating EthCC’s hot-thread on regulations and harmonization design-thinking, we worked around an existing need for an international, public system for music copyright deposit and payment, following guidelines indicated directly by representatives of the Italian SIAE and the German GEMA.

This need can be summarized as following:

a street-born TL;DR theory on vaporizing money and loss of collective value

Me busking in Stuttgart, circa 2016

Busking in the streets of Europe was an essential part of my music training. At the same time, it turned out to be fundamental for some key understandings of how monetary economy works, years before I’ve got to know Blockchains. Indeed, this first moment marked the start of my growing curiosity towards the monetary system, leading me eventually into Ethereum’s lap (thanks forever Chris Hobcroft).

Here’s a short theory I came up with one day, as I was counting my hard-earned 20 euros in 1 hour of playing……

Release EPK

Disclaimer: the following article covers an R&D music release that uses a brand new token standard and farming/liquidity contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. This release is not meant to endorse any investment strategy.

What you’re going to read about is possibly a first dig ever in in the field of Musical NFTs: a song NFT with an ERC20 interface that unlocks a whole new world of interactions between author and owners/fans. This project was possible with the help and support of ethOS and DAOrecords.


Ghost Tracks might not be very well-known to Millennials.
Back when music had physical supports…


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Musicians represent the transformation process in the Music Industry.

They buy raw materials, in which we can include musical instruments and any kind of sound-processing hardware and software.

They outsource services to other operators (music lessons, rehearsal rooms, recording studios, mastering studios, graphic designers, videomakers) in order output quality content in digital format and promotional media for that content.

Then, they pay distributors like DistroKid and TuneCore to hand that finished content to streaming platforms…

Il Blockchain per noi profani: alcuni esempi e concetti.

La tecnologia decentralizzata Blockchain esiste sulla carta dalla meta’ degli anni 90. il primo Internet infatti, nella mente dei suoi architetti, era stato pensato come un luogo neutrale, condiviso ripartito e sostenuto dagli utenti. Questo stadio possiamo chiamarlo WEB 1.0.

Nel WEB 2.0 vediamo l’entrata in gioco dell’e-Commerce e dei grandi operatori economici e sociali quali Google, Youtube, Facebook, insieme ad una vasta schiera di altri attori corporate. Improvvisamente, I dati personali degli utenti diventano oro per queste societa’. …

I’ve spent the last few weeks wondering if trading platforms are the best solution to give ERC20 (and Tokens in general) a representative price. Somehow, I found myself not fully satisfied with the demand/offer model for these crypto valuables. Reason being, I often see mouse-traps tokens being sold on the market on a pure speculative basis. At the same time, behind many other tokens lies a surplus value determined by human interaction, quality planning, functional Dapps (still on paper), individual work and collective network within a common ground provided by the kind of Blockchain they are minted and circulate on.

How many of you NON-devs are still missing relevant parts of knowledge about the mechanisms of the Blockchain (BC)?

How would you rate your understanding of the environment? 7, 10, 15, 20, 30 percent?

what dilemma does this knowledge gap between BC developers and, say, BC travellers raise in term of democracy?

In nine months spent re-adjusting my life and my skills to the Blockchain (Ethereum) realm, I’ve come to understand more of the depths and irregularities of the gap between the two communities than the notions of ground I was already standing on.

At first, my doubts triggered a…


Musician rolling down the crypt/spiraling up the ether, researcher of ethereum use cases for impact and entrepreneur. Find my music on web2 as Matteo Tambussi

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