The ETHTurin Meetup emerged from the community of the ETHTurin 2020 local impact hackathon and channeled into a project-oriented community throughout 2020 and 2021. Anticipating EthCC’s hot-thread on regulations and harmonization design-thinking, we worked around an existing need for an international, public system for music copyright deposit and payment, following…

a street-born TL;DR theory on vaporizing money and loss of collective value

Me busking in Stuttgart, circa 2016

Busking in the streets of Europe was an essential part of my music training. At the same time, it turned out to be fundamental for some key understandings of how monetary economy works, years before I’ve got to…


#media #music #ethereum #crowdsale #tokeneconomy #dividends #OpenLabel #musicroyalties #fanbases #licensing #equitymarket #royaltytoken #EIP



Musicians represent the transformation process in the Music Industry.

They buy raw materials, in which we can include musical instruments and any kind of sound-processing…

I’ve spent the last few weeks wondering if trading platforms are the best solution to give ERC20 (and Tokens in general) a representative price. Somehow, I found myself not fully satisfied with the demand/offer model for these crypto valuables. Reason being, I often see mouse-traps tokens being sold on the…


Musician rolling down the crypt, ETH educator and entrepreneur. Find my music on

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