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  • Julien Bouteloup

    Julien Bouteloup

    Dev, Engineer, Blockchain, PoS, Machine Leaning, Cryptoeconomics & Game theory.

  • Darlington Gospel

    Darlington Gospel

    Software Engineer | Technical Writer | Code Instructor

  • Aaro Alhainen

    Aaro Alhainen

    Software Developer and CS student >

  • Harith Kamarul

    Harith Kamarul

    Community @etherscan

  • Bun Uthaitirat

    Bun Uthaitirat

    Full-stack engineering at band protocol

  • Jules Goddard

    Jules Goddard

    Experienced high-integrity software engineer, crypto code compactor and Datona Labs founder — providing smart contracts to protect your digital information.

  • Jackson Ng

    Jackson Ng

    Changing the world, one semicolon at a time @

  • Enrico Bottazzi

    Enrico Bottazzi

    Powered by @rogerfederer , @macmiller , @davidhockneyart , and @coenbros

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