HiFi&DeFi Open Label launch

4 min readMay 22, 2022


ITEMS of BLISS” is the release-0 of the newborn HiFi&DeFi open label, the first Italian DAO-based music label born from the same-titled podcast series, a project started by Oliver Dawson (pluggers.it) and me in Autumn 2021. The podcast covered in 8 episodes in Italian language all the necessary web3 basics and current state-of-tools musicians and music professionals need to know in order to explore the web3 powered -music economy. As the podcast launched IRL meetups and saw its audience growing, it was clear that we had a community to build upon, and not just to communicate to.

The result was the creation of an Open Label DAO, a music publishing & curational collective based on the reputational (non-transferrable) HFDF erc20 token on the Polygon L2 chain. On HFDF open label, token holders can submit new proposals (e.g. propose new artists or releases), vote and govern the decisions over the common treasury. People wanting to join the DAO will be able to earn HFDF by taking on bounties (missions) issued by the label. A token-gated section of our Discord server has been created for HFDF holders to coordinate.

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My 3rd crypto release ITEMS of BLISS follows the experiments of “3Mily” and “ghostTrack”. This time, I have used my progressive-pop writing style in combination with the electro industrial touch of the London-based producer Anything Pointless: together we managed to create a musical lore where the human element blends into its own digital lore rendition.

The message proposition within the EP deals with the collective psychic shift suffered with the pandemic and the most recent geopolitical fall, and addresses the tangible risk of human alienation in a threat-clocked world where techno-addiction seems to have become the only safe haven for people.

“ITEMS of BLISS” is an EP of five original tracks and one remix version by Anything Pointless. Each track represents a psycho-emotional phygital item and is associated with its own visual rendition by the Russian exile photographers Vladimir Mordvinov and Polina Mordvinova. The launch starts from the my profile on the Italian NFT Dapp Onlymusix: here the public will be able to experience the full content and purchase NFT-powered sync licenses per each track (10 licenses per track in total).


  1. Blossoms (4’10’’)

2. Be My Friend (2’25’’)

3. Mental Diarrhea (2’54’’)

4. Fireburn (2’28’’)

5. Have It All (3’11’’)

6. Be My Friend — Anything Pointless RMX (2’20’’)

Pietro Cavassa, music composer and producer under the name Anything Pointless.
Deeply moved by every aspect of sound and music, by their power to create emotions and feelings into human beings. Focused on researching new sounds and musical experiences to create something truly meaningful. He’s the author of numerous musical works, not only records, but also soundtracks for exhibitions and performances, other than a producer for many projects. His works have been part of dance performances, art exhibitions, digital artworks and many music releases. He is currently based in London exploring new musical territories and pushing his art to new boundaries.

Oliver Dawson HiFi & DeFi is a newsletter founded by Oliver Dawson, who has been working in the Italian music business for 20 years, covering various roles from editions to communication. Every week it collects links, ideas, articles, tweets related to the world of blockchain and the web3 trying to give the tools to navigate a world as exciting as it is difficult to read. HiFi & DeFi is also a podcast, created in collaboration with Matteo Tambussi, which in 8 episodes hosted developers, artists and some of the most interesting Italian Web3 projects.

Music and Lyrics: Matteo Tambussi aka matlemad — https://linktr.ee/matlemadhttps://www.rockit.it/matteotambussi/
Production: Anything Pointless — https://soundcloud.com/anythingpointlessmusic
Photos, designs and visuals: Vladimir Mordvinov and Polina Mordvinova (https://www.instagram.com/boboscamerahttps://www.instagram.com/paulmordvian )